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Sondernewsletter 04/09

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Kaplan Medal for Julius Thurnher
iku®windows founder honoured

Univ. Prof. DI. Dr. Gerlind Weber, granddaughter of Viktor Kaplan, clipped the medal to the honoured


Julius Thurnher, founder and master mind of iku®windows, honored with highest award for innovators in Austria

We are happy to inform you about a very spezial honor. The Austrian association of innovators & owners of patents (OPEV), celebrating its centenary this year, awarded nine leading managers of Austrian companies for their extraordinary accomplishments.

The Austrian Viktor Kaplan (1876-1943), inventor of the Kaplan turbine, made this invention already in 1912, but it took more than six years bevor it became accepted by the local industry against severe resistance. The Kaplan medal, named after him, is awarded to inventors, who are able not only to create something unprecedented, but also to develope it for commercial use and last but not least to establish it in the market.

A very famous Austrian member of the association e.g. was Carl Auer von Welsbach (1854 – 1929), who invented the gas mantle, the forunner of the light bulb. Further prize winners 2009 amongst others have been Julian Wagner from Rosenbauer International AG ;or Robert Kanduth from GREENoneTEC.

For Julius Thurnher this award has a very spezial meaning. His intelligent facade systems iku®windows with integrated self-cleaning mechanism, was characterized as a „profound innovation“, something revolutionary and and totally new, suitable to set a milestone in facade business.
Julius Thurnher was moved about the honor and expressed his gratitude especially to his family, who supported him for many years.

Julius Thurnher with his family in front of the Kaplan turbine in the garden of the technical museum in Vienna. He said that his family was his personal turbine.

the Kaplan Medal
Hofrat Dr. Gabriele Zuna-Kratky, KR Julius Thurnher,
Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Gerlind Weber (fltr)
Dr. Weber congratulated

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