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Newsletter 04/2008

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featuring maintenance & evacuation unit

      EDITORIAL 04/08

Korb für Personenbeförderung
Sample facade with maintenance unit tested by iku
®windows marketing

Unitized facade becomes the overall concept
iku®windows developed new maintenance & evacuation unit and now covers all requirements in the facade in one hand

The visions of the achitects in glass architecture create significant challenges, which can no longer be handled with standard solutions. Standard systems, which cover only basic requirements of the facades, are offered today by many system developers. Therefore, innovative and economical solutions are particularly demanded. That is the driving force for us to work on a further development of the facade. 

Th Unitized facade with its unrivalled highlight - the integrated self cleaning mechanism - offers various additional options, such as shading, illumination or advertising. The newly developed maintenance and evacuation units complete now our façade product portfolio. The facade company now acts as a "one stop shop" with all competencies concerning fabrication, assembly, cleaning, maintenance and even beyond personal protection. For the owner this means a tremendous potential for rationalization in the building process.

There is just one responsibility in one hand. The economic aspect of this development is significant and brings benefits to investors, architects, producers, and ultimately that for the user.

Yours sincerely, Julius Thurnher, Inventor & Director of Technology

     iku®windows MAINTENANCE UNIT for glass change

How the system works

A hamper is raised with a steel rope, driven by a motor. An additional sliding module, which is running within the vertical system profiles, keeps the hamper close to the façade and ensures absolute safety.

The distance between the rollers can individually be adjusted according to the dimensions between axes of the glass.
The beam, which carries the steel rope, reaches from inside out through the service openings inherent in the façade system.

The mobility of this unit allows the use of it  at any place in the facade. It can be placed at the roof of the building or in the service floor. This is an important equipment for the facade constructor

With the iku®windows facade maintenance technology also large and heavy glass panes, which cannot be carried in an elevator inside the building, can changed from inside and transported easily to any place in the façade.

Side view of the
maintenance unit with a built-in drive

     EVACUATION in case of disaster with iku®windows

Safety technology in use for people

A specially developed hamper can also be used for the transport of up to eight persons dependign on its size. Similar to emergency exits in aircraft, so called “evacuation points” can be set up at various areas in the façade, enabling a safe escape for endangered people

There is no further risk by possible gusts of wind during the transport, not even in sky high areas, as the hamper runs along the vertical system profiles close to the façade.

No comparable evacuation units with these security standards are offered worldwide

Options of the iku®windows maintenance/evacuation unit:

  • Damaged glass can be changed from inside and carried away easily
  • Flexible use of external transport system
  • Civil defence: Evacuation in case of fire or other accidents

One-stop-shop for the owner:

  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Evacuation

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Bild des Al Jawhara Towers in Kuwait
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Al Jawhara Tower / Kuwait,
completion May 2008

CSC Clinics / Beirut,
completion November 2006
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