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The iku®windows factory for self-cleaning Unitized Façade Systems

Up one level
iku®windows opens a unique investment opportunity for entrepreneurs, who want to
take advantage of the booming construction business with the worldwide patented,
intelligent self-cleaning façade systems of iku®windows.

The idea of the iku®windows Unitized System Factory is to create a cost efficient production line
for this system, serving as a fabrication centre for a designated area. That implies the supply of
ready made elements at feasible prices to specialized facade companies, which are taking
responsibility of sales, calculation, planning, installation and maintenance in the specific

Immediately after launch of the iku®windows self-cleaning Unitized Façade System, beginning
of this year, major investors in Kuwait and Dubai specified this system for prominent projects.  
The 'Al-Jawhara Tower' in Kuwait and 'Al Shamsi Building' in Dubai, UAE are recent projects,
which will be equipped with modern façade technology of iku®windows.
Feasibility study and distribution concept

One of the key issues to offer this solution is a highly productive way of manufacturing.
iku®windows created a concept for a factory, mainly dedicated to fabricate the Unitized System
in the most efficient way possible. A feasibility study in order to proceed successfully is

The manufacturing of the Unitized Elements is organised alike to the automotive industry. This
allows short production time, precise manufacturing and exceedingly high quality standards of
the final product. In the quality management every element can be controlled before being
delivered onto site. The key word is "Lean Management". Possible failures in single elements
have been already discovered and can be handled without delaying the installation process on

The specialized façade companies have to be licensed partners of iku®windows and will be
supported in all relevant issues. The technologies of iku®windows have attract already wide
interest in the construction quarter. Julius Thurnher, inventor and director of technology, is
confident to go into a prosperous future with mutual business partners: "Interested partners in
this concept are highly welcome to contact for further negotiations."

World patent from Vienna establishes new standards for „Smart Buildings"
iku®windows, with its headquarters in Vienna, is rolling out into the world market with an
invention as simple as it is genius. The technology is based on a world patent, which was
invented by company founder Julius Thurnher: A mechanism guiding wipers is integrated in the
vertical or horizontal façade profiles. After pumping the cleaning fluid onto the glass façade,
through a central water connection, wipers start to move from the top of the facade to its end
and cleans the panes continuously. Benefits: Apart from enormous time saving, the systems
convinces by usability, security and cost effectiveness - it pays for itself soon, with long term
low running costs. Facades which are hard to access can be cleaned easily also.

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