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iku®windows: Self-cleaning facade for Medical Center in Beirut

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Clemenceau Specialised Clinics in Beirut, Lebanon, will be equipped with intelligent technology from iku®windows

Hygiene and cleanliness essential in hospital - Clear view, natural light and automatic ventilation increase wellbeing of patients -  Further reference in hospital building for iku®windows

Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC) in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International is a state-of-the-art medical center in the heart of Beirut, internationally accredited and capable of delivering high quality healthcare services in a pleasant environment to patients from Lebanon and the Middle East.
Now a new building in the clinic complex - The Clemenceau Specialised Clinics -  will be equipped  with 500 m2 polygonal Structural Glazing glass facade of ikuwindows, with integrated self cleaning mechanism.

CMC is a unique health complex with a multipurpose high-tech hospital, fully-equipped with International standards. Hospitals, which are using cutting edge technology, prefer intelligent glass cleaning solutions. iku®windows crowns the trend of fully automated buildings and is experienced in equipping hospitals with self-cleaning facades. Several clinics in Vienna, Austria, are working with the intelligent technology already.

Hygiene and cleanliness is essential in hospitals

Hygiene is very important for hospitals and clean glass facades are part of it. So the iku®windows high-tech facades meets all requirements of this modern hospital building: The facade systems with integrated self cleaning are connected with the central control system and function at the touch of a button. There is no more need for outside personnel, who works in cradles or cranes manually in a dangerous way. Intimacy of patients is not disturbed by foreign personnel, who could look inside the building.

Further advantage: Rain- or wind sensors are controlling the closing of the windows, which are part of the facade, as well as during the cleaning procedure with the iku(r)windows system.

To care for an optimum well being of the people, with an subject feeling of cleanliness and hygiene, was a great concern of the hospital management. "Patients and visitors have a clear view every day. The bright daylight and good ventilation provide positive feelings. The cost effectiveness also convinced the client. There is no need to hire foreign personnel and equipment, as it's necessary for conventional cleaning", Julius Thurnher, Inventor and founder of iku®windows, is glad about this project in Beirut.

Projects details

The CSC Hospital, will house several outpatient wards in 8 floors: Every floor will offer 4-5 specialised departments and facilities. Start of construction works was March 2007. The client is confident to meet the completion date in September 2007. iku®windows licensed partner in Middle East, ALUMCO will be responsible for fabrication and implementation of the self-cleaning fa‡ade.

World patent from Vienna establishes new standards for "Smart Buildings"

iku®windows, with its headquarters in Vienna, is rolling out into the world market with an invention as simple as it is genius. The technology is based on a world patent, which was invented by company founder Julius Thurnher. Electronically controlled wipers with automatic water supply are enabling the cleaning of large facade surfaces at the touch of a button. Benefits: Apart from enormous time saving, the systems convinces by usability, security and cost effectiveness - it pays for itself soon, with long term low running costs. Facades which are hard to access can be cleaned easily also.

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