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iku®windows: major focus on security in the facade

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Maintenance, fire protection and evacuation of people function easily with iku® systems

iku®windows is the leading company for research & innovation in the field of “self-cleaning façade systems”. During the last years some state-of-the-art, worldwide patented technologies have been developed. Besides iku®windows is putting its major focus of its technological developments on the security in the façade. Latest highlight is the maintenance unit, which has been worldwide patented already.

Together with the "Technicum Vienna" which is the largest purely technical university of applied sciences in Austria, the maintenance unit experienced a further development into an evacuation system and has been ready-made for the market.

A group of experienced engineers have evaluated the technology and at the same time worked on optimising of the system. The iku®windows evacuation unit enables the rescue of people as well as the transportation of necessary safety equipment to any place in the facade. Another goal was to minimize the use of clumsy rescue ladders of fire brigades, which are driven by trucks.

iku®windows one-stop-shop: Cleaning, evacuation, maintenance and fire protection

A cabin which is built-in invisibly into the façade from the outside, allows quick evacuation of people in case of disaster without any loss of time. Additional all needed maintenance work, including change of glass, can be done without any risk for the personnel.

This development has been the logical continuation of the iku®windows philosophy. The basic invention is the cleaning of the façade with integrated self-cleaning mechanism. Traditional BMU systems and façade climbers are not only cost-intensive, but also contain a high risk for the working personnel. A study of an international British insurance company says window cleaning is one of the most risky jobs at all.

An additional option is the protection of the facade in case of fire. By increasing the pressure of the water spraying, originally intended for cleaning only, the outside surface of the facade can be protected against fire and smog.

A basic innovation for numerous additional options in the facade

iku®windows, is rolling out into the world market with an invention as simple as it is genius: intelligent glass facades with integrated self-cleaning and numerous additional options. The technology is based on a world patent, which was invented by company founder Julius Thurnher.

Electronically controlled wipers with automatic water supply are enabling the cleaning of large façade surfaces at the touch of a button. Benefits: Apart from enormous time saving the systems convince by usability, security and cost effectiveness. It pays for itself soon with long term low running costs. Also facades that are difficult to access, can be cleaned easily.

For the increasing use of photovoltaic panels in the facades of modern buildings, the innovative system of iku®windows offers an additional advantage: Continuous cleaning of the panels cares for optimized energy output.

iku®windows references
iku® self-cleaning facades
Al Jawhara Tower, Kuwait; Specialised Clinics, Beirut; Hewlett Packard Headquarters, Kairo; Lotus Plaza, Jeddah; Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipeh

iku® shading system:
Burjuman Shopping Center, Dubai.

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