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"Removing a product's negative features and incorporating innovation to improve its functionality tremendously: that's what I call a real entrepreneurial achievement. As an architect I appreciate the quality of the window, its ease of use and the way it can be incorporated into sophisticated exterior designs. The benefits of sliding windows in many situations are sufficiently well known. As a practical person, conscious of economic considerations, I am enthusiastic about the iku®windows control and self-cleaning systems ."

Dipl.-Ing. Vera Purtscher, architect

"The eyes are the windows of the soul, and a person's house is an advertisement for his character. Why shouldn't the eyes of a house be given intelligence worthy of that of their owner?"

Dr. Klaus Woltron, entrepreneur

"We at Berndorf always insist on innovation in our strategies. It's vital, especially in industry. iku®windows is a product which has this quality. This window system will revolutionise the construction of offices, hotels and industrial units in particular. It's just a shame we didn't come up with the idea."

Norbert Zimmermann, Chairman of Berndorf AG

"iku®windows provide an integrated solution which takes into account the energy and structural requirements of the building shell and the operational functions of automated building systems and meet the needs of users (light, screening from glare, ventilation) in the best possible way through bus control."

Dr. Ekkehard Wunderer, Director of ALLPLAN GMBH

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