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iku®windows Unitized facade featuring maintenance and evacuation unit

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Vienna, April 2008

iku®windows system technology now covers all requirements in the facade in one hand -  Additional
to the self-cleaning mechanism, the system offers further additional values as well as the
sensational evacuation unit
The Austrian company iku®windows, based in Vienna, enhanced its intelligent self-cleaning Unitized facade and is now able to offer an overall concept first time. The facade company acts now as a "one stop shop" for the owner, covering all issues of the façade: Fabrication, assembly, cleaning, maintenance and evacuation. This means a tremendous potential for rationalization in the processing.  
Architects concepts need total solutions for the facade  
Glass architecture, in particular for representative "skyscraping" projects, is becoming more and more important for the reputation of architects and investors. Standard systems, which cover basic requirements of the facades, are offered today by many system developers. However, the visions of the architects create significant challenges, which can no longer be handled with standard solutions. Therefore, innovative and economical solutions are particularly demanded.  
That is the driving force for the inventor Julius Thurnher, Master Mind and director of technology of iku®windows, to work on a further development of the facade. The unrivalled highlight of the Unitized facade is the integrated self-cleaning mechanism, and offers various additional options like shading, illumination or advertising. The cost-saving pre-fabrication in the factory guarantees high accuracy in the production line and fast, risk free installation on site.  
Newly developed iku®windows maintenance unit completes facade concept  
“Now iku®windows is one step ahead again,” says Julius Thurnher: "iku®windows façade systems basically allow to abandon BMU systems for the maintenance of the façade. The cleaning is possible just by the touch of a button, the maintenance of the cleaning system can be done from the inside and even the changing of broken glass panels is possible from inside. Now, with our newly developed maintenance unit, also large and heavy glass panes, which no longer could be carried in an elevator inside the building, can be transported easily to any place in the façade.”

How the system works: A hamper is raised with a steel rope, driven by a motor. An additional sliding module, which is running within the vertical system profiles, keeps the hamper close to the façade and ensures absolute safety. It can be placed at the roof of the building or in the service floor.  The mobility of this unit allows the use of it at any place in the façade.  
Important additional option: Evacuation of people in case of disaster  
A specially developed hamper can also be used for the transport of up to eight persons, depending on its size. Similar to emergency exits in aircrafts, so called “evacuation points” can be set up at various areas in the façade, enabling a safe escape for endangered people. There is no further risk by possible gusts of wind during the transport, not even in sky high areas, as the hamper runs along the vertical system profiles close to the façade.

There are no comparable evacuation units with such security standards offered worldwide.
A world patent from Vienna sets new standards in modern glass architecture
iku®windows, with its headquarters in Vienna, is rolling out into the world market with an invention as simple as it is genius - intelligent glass facades with integrated self-cleaning and numerous additional options. The technology is based on a world patent, which was invented by company founder Julius Thurnher. Electronically controlled wipers with automatic water supply are enabling the cleaning of large façade surfaces at the touch of a button. Benefits: Apart from enormous time saving the systems convince by usability, security and cost effectiveness. It pays for itself soon with long term low running costs. Also facades that are hard to access, can be cleaned easily. The new developed maintenance and
evacuation units were already applied for patent.

iku® intelligente Fenstersysteme AG:
The family business was founded in 2000 under the directorship of Monika Thurnher, daughter of the inventor and Director of Technology Julius Thurnher. The business objective is the development and distribution of intelligent window and façade systems and its additional options. The products are fabricated and fitted by regional manufactures, which are licensed partners of iku®windows. The intelligent components such as motors, electronics and accessories are supplied by iku®windows Austria. iku®windows is the owner of the patents and grants it to licensed partners worldwide. To date there are aside from Austria, Germany and Switzerland the following countries: Egypt, U.A.E., Japan, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi-Arabia, South Korea und Taiwan.

iku® intelligente Fenstersysteme AG -
Monika Thurnher, CEO
Julius Thurnher, Inventor

Martina Aigner, Marketing & Communications
Austria, 1230 Vienna, Slamastraße 27
Phone +43-1-616 56 58-25
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