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the intelligent facade 

iku®windows - intelligent self-cleaning façades
This technology uses the patented self-cleaning concept from iku®windows, to make it possible to clean glass façades at the touch of a button.  Apart from enormous time saving, the systems convinces by usability, security and cost effectiveness. Facades which are hard to access can be cleaned easily too. New buildings as well as renovated ones can be equipped with the  intelligent technology of iku®windows, which is compatible with all façade systems!

Fire suppression System 

iku®windows fire suppression system - created from necessity

iku®windows fire suppression system is a reliable system in case of fire. The water delivery system for the purpose of fire suppression is an enhancement to the successfully proven iku®windows intelligent cleaning system. It sets another step in the safety of high rise building facades - the major philosophy of iku®windows.

iku®windows - the intelligent facade maintenance unit
With the iku®windows facade maintenance technology also large and heavy glass panes, which cannot be carried in an elevator inside the building, can changed from inside and transported easily to any place of the façade.

iku®windows - the intelligent evacuation unit
The patented evacuation unit enables a safe escape for endangered people in case of disaster.

das intelligente Fenster 

iku®windows - intelligent self-cleaning windows
iku®windows intelligent windows are the world's first windows with IQ - a unique, self-cleaning, sliding system with intelligent extra functions.
Welcome to the world of modern window management!

die intelligente Beschattung 

iku®windows - the intelligent shading system
Shading system can be implemented both horizontally and vertically and opens up a wide field for composing the façade. A vast variety of different materials (from coated glass, metal and textiles etc.) offer the possibility of an individual design. In addition this product can be integrated into BMS systems.


iku®windows - Cleanser
This is the natural system cleaner for all glass and metal surfaces.  The biologically-based iku®windows - Cleaner is very effective and economical to use - 1:100 dilution. iku®windows -Cleaner contains less than 2% anionic and non-ionic tensides, pH value about 7 - 8.

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