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Facade Maintenance Unit

Up one level
iku®windows façade systems basically allows to abandon BMU systems for the maintenance of the façade.

The cleaning is possible just by the touch of a button, the maintenance of the cleaning system can be done from the inside and even the changing of broken glass panels is possible from inside.

However – modern architecture is more and more using huge glass panels. With the façade technology of iku®windows it is possible to change even these huge panes from inside, but how can the panes be brought to the right place in the building? Panels of 4 m height rarely fit in the elevator.

Therefore iku®windows developed a façade maintenance Unit in order to ensure the possibility to change the glass from inside no matter which height the glass is broken. The glass easily can be carried to the desired position from outside. This is an additional option for the iku®windows self-cleaning glass façade.

How the system works

A hamper is raised with a steel rope, driven by a motor. An additional sliding modul unit which is running along the vertical system profiles, keeps the hamper close to the façade and guarantees absolute security. The distance between the rollers can individually be adjusted according to the dimension between axes of the glass.
The base of the maintenance unit, which is mobile, is equipped with a beam, which carries the steel rope. The beam reaches from inside out through the service openings inherent in the façade system. The mobility of this unit allows to use it anywhere in the building and even to use it for various buildings. Therefore it is an important equipment for the facade

These are the unique advantages:
  • Damaged glass can be changed from inside
  • Civil defence: Evacuation in case of fire or other accidents
  • External transport system flexible use

An additional advantage of this system is the possible integration of a hamper for people transportation.

Evacuation in case of disaster 


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