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Exhibition and academy "Fassadentage" Salzburg: Presentation of iku®windows

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1th Exhibition and academy of façade construction - “Fassadentage” in Salzburg

In cooperation with one of the leading international glass fabricators ”Pilkington”, this
conference for façade construction took place the first time in Austria in the end of June. The
“Facade Academy” was the meeting point for information transfer and networking. During two
days architects, engineers and developers discussed about possibilities and visions in current
façade technology. Several topics were discussed among the experts.

“Façades deliver messages”, was the main statement in the presentation of Monika Thurnher.
She pointed out that only a clean façade could transport a positive image of its owners and
tenants. Photovoltaic, lightening and advertising in the facade have to be clean to work effective.
The intelligent self-cleaning systems of iku®windows is well known already in the sector of façade
business, so the latest developments, the maintenance & evacuation units of iku®windows in
connection with security concepts of high-rise buildings, were therefore highlighted.

More information about  Fassadentage exhibition and Academy you'll find here.

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