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iku®windows: Highlight at Conference "High Rise Building" in Amman

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Amman/Jordanien, June 08. 4th architectural conference - First High-rise Building Conference & Exhibition in Amman

The conference held mid of June for three days, aimed for achieving a total and comprehensive understanding and analysis of high-rise buildings. Renowned speakers from all over the world informed the specialised audience about challenges, as well as about behavioural and social dimensions of growing cities, where high-rise buildings became a major phenomena.

Within this major topic, security measures in high-rise buildings were discussed. A total security concept contains several issues, beginning with communication, prevention and self protection, or such logistical measures like developing a water strategy for high-rise buildings.

Monika and Julius Thurnher spoke about maintenance and safety issues in the curtain wall.
The concept of iku®windows covers security, not only for the tenants, but also for the maintenance people. The self-cleaning façade system works by the touch of a button and the maintenance system is an important addition in the security concept of a building. Besides maintenance, iku®windows is able to offer an appropriate instrument in the frame of evacuation plans in high-rise buildings: The iku®windows evacuation unit. These cutting edge façade technologies attracted high interest by the audience.

Julius Thurnher (left) at the speakers board

view to the audience

Monika and Julius Thurnher at their speech

(f.l.t.r) Julius Thurnher, Salah Alsalhi,
Dr. Natheer Abu Obeid,
Futooh Alasfoor, Monika Thurnher

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