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iku®windows - intelligent self-cleaning façades

This technology uses the patented self-cleaning concept from iku®windows, to make it possible to clean glass façades at the touch of a button.

fire suppression system - created from necessity

iku®windows fire suppression system is a reliable system in case of fire. The water delivery system for the purpose of fire suppression is an enhancement...

the intelligent facade maintenance unit

With the iku®windows facade maintenance technology also large and heavy glass panes, which cannot be carried in an elevator inside...

the intelligent evacuation unit

The patented evacuation unit enables a safe escape for endangered people in case of disaster.

intelligent self-cleaning windows

iku®windows intelligent windows are the world's first windows with IQ - a unique, self-cleaning, sliding...

the intelligent shading system

Shading system can be implemented both horizontally and vertically and opens up a wide field for composing...
A facade, a whole building made of glass, that’s what most clients are dreaming of. Nothing is as brilliant as modern glass architecture. But many consultants and architects still prefer other building materials – why? One of the main reasons is the cost-intensive, time consuming conventional cleaning with cradles or cranes. Sometimes it is often impossible to clean facades, as there is no access available. iku®windows is the missing link to smart buildings: The worldwide patented and award-winning self-cleaning mechanism of iku®windows makes cleaning of facades child’s play just at the touch of a button in short time. This step in the future of facade technology has long been overdue. Cutting edge buildings need intelligent solutions.